Survival suits

I'm slightly obsessed with the inherent Englishness of Craig Green's collections and the romanticism in his clothes. They weave traditional menswear shapes and tailoring with a modern sense of urgency and perhaps a hint of our need to always be prepared for action (his previous season's collection was inspired by a Boy Scout's neck scarf).

Green's amazing Fall/Winter 2017 collection brought to mind the work of the artist Lucy Orta who presents the concept of an all too near future where our clothes may need to offer more substantial protection than would have previously been considered as we dress for survival on a planet where resources are limited.  It sounds hysterical, but have you read about the ice melt lately?

I love this collection's transition from the classic practical sea farer in his deep ocean navy blue to the squishy full body life jackets in a palette of soft pastels. The colours might be soft but the message is hard. Get ready, tides are rising, are you going to sink or swim?